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1. Puller working through the power & steel wires to drive the clipping claws.
   Enable to supplement press from 580-5000 tons, coordinate extensive pulling
2. The selected pulling force may be steadily and automatically added to the
    extrusion material which is extruded with different speed. The needed pulling
    force is determined by extrusion type material, cutting face and kind.
3. This puller provides single or various extrusion lengths after selecting the
    pulling force. The pulling speed may synchronize with the extrusion speed of
    the extrusion material. The pulling claw has vertical clips to grip the extrusion
     material in a level surface.
4. Both the claw and clip may release the extrusion material and backward to
   the extrusion press quickly. The required returning time may be completed during
   the idle time of the extrusion press.
5. It may provide unified length under single mold, multiple output operation.