Mei Ruey Industrial Co., Ltd
Company Profile

Ever since Mei Ruey Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1987, in the past decade, it has won the positive confirmation and support from the customers here at home, mainland China, Southeast Asia countries and South Africa with our valuable experience, excellent quality, as well as well-organized after-sale service. So far, we have manufactured more than 500 units of extrusion press. Such out-standing achievement has earned the extrusion press made by our company a very good reputation in the world market. 

Our company is the only one manufacturer who is capable of pro-fissional manufacturing extrusion whole plant equipment here in Taiwan. Our major products are manufacturing and sales of extrusion press and whole plant equipment, such as: Hot log shear, Heating furnace of log, Log cutting, Die heater, Puller, Run-out table, Stretcher, Finish saw, Aging furnace...etc., extrusion equipment. Besides, we are in the position to make well- designed layout and arrangement for your plant to increase production. 

For many years, our company has devoted ourselves to the field of the extrusion press technique with unswerving spirit, hoping to make much delicate and reliable extrusion press to meet the requirements of the customers through incessant improvement and R&D. 

Quality, reliability and service have always been our goal. We hope to combine these three great ideals to apply on extrusion press and whole plant equipment practically, expecting to make contribution to the quality and production efficiency of the extruded products.